Get your FINPO!



FINPO – the Standup Board of a special kind. FINPO – takes Standup to a new level.

The solution: FINPO functions without any pedaling movements.

By easily activating the board via a handlebar, fun is guaranteed for both the old and the young.

Thanks to the globally unique design and the kayak-like hull, it is of enormous stability on the water and provides a high degree of safety. Big plus for great fun on the water: FINPO is absolutely stable and safe!

Before you start, all the drive and control elements can be installed within a few minutes. The board is immediately “ready to go”.

FINPO is produced by the most modern kind of plastics engineering of rotational sintering with a PE foamed inner core. The mechanics consist of non-corrosive steel. Both guarantees optimum quality. The board weighs only 55kg. On the one hand the board is very stable, on the other hand the board could be transported easily.

FINPO guarantees fun and fitness for the whole family!
Experience a totally new type of watersport that is fun and simultaneously takes care of your fitness.

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